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Julie Andrews Meadow
Near American Fork, Utah


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GPS Trailhead and Map

USGS Timpanogos Cave (UT). Click HERE to view the approximate starting coordinates and map. The trailhead starts at the end of the camground. Be sure to check with the campground host for parking instructions because there could be a fee depending on where you leave your vehicle.

Distance and Difficulty

About .8 of a mile from the Timpanokee Campground for a moderate hike.

Hiking Time

About 1-3 hours round trip, depending on how much time you spend in the meadow and your return route

Trail Description

Date of Hike: August 2006

Hiking to Julie Andrews Meadow (so called perhaps because of the beautiful meadows in the classic movie, Sound of Music) can be a real treat and fun destination for people of all ages. How the meadow was assigned its name is unknown, but it rightfully fits.

"Wow, look at that waterfall!" --Picture along the Great Western Trail looking south over to Woolly Hole Basin about .5 miles before the meadow
Starting at the end of the road at the Timpanokee Campround (N 40.25.900, W 111.38.904), walk along the dirt path heading west for a short distance until you see the trailhead on the right side. The trail will meador through the trails for about 10-15 minutes until you reach the top, which brings you to the junction of Bear Canyon Trail heading north and the Great Western trail heading west (N 40.26.054, W 111.38.892)---both very well-defined trails. Take the Great Western Trail west which will take you along the rim of the basin to the south. The trail rises gently, and you will have a great view of the upper basin, Woolly Hole, to the south.

Before long, you will enter enter a forest of towering pine trees, and the trail switches back a few times for a few minutes until the pines give way to beautiful aspen and the meadow (N 40.25.982, W 111.39.600). The meadow is most beautiful during mid summer, and it could be a great place to have an overnight backpacking experience to view the stars of a meteor shower. The meadow is home to some stinging nettle, so watch where you pitch your tent; however, if you are a boy scount, you should know how to brew up some stinging nettle tea for any brisk summer evening. If you lucky, you might even be able to spoke a moose or some deer during the still parts of the morning.

Camp fires would only leave ugly scars in the meadow, so pack a backpacking stove to prepare your meals. There is another primitive campsite at N 40.26.225, W 111.39.702 north of the meadow. You can return back the same way, or for a longer journey home, you can hike north of the meadow, connect with the Timpanokee dirt road that winds around around back around to the Timpanokee Campground.

"Time to sing and dance and pitch the tent!" --Picture taken looking south from the north end of Julie Andrews Meadow

What to Bring

If you're going on a day hike, take sufficient water, food, and snacks. There are no springs along the trail.

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